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Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask….

These are the questions we will ask to walk you thru when helping to quote products for your home or remodel projects:

Doors and Hardware:

There is a reason they call it HARDware – because there are so many details to think thru before ordering!

Whether you are looking to replace your hardware or specify for new doors and hardware the two need to be considered in conjunction when ordering!

KEY items to note – whether or not your door already has a bore (hole in the door where your hardware goes) AND what the width of the door stile is!

Typical bores are 2 1/8″ and typical door stiles are 4 1/2″ If you are looking for a more modern look in your hardware with a small square or round rosette your bore at 2 1/8″ will be too big!  This limits what you can select.   On the same note, if your door has smaller stiles 4″ or less – you will have a hard time making the hardware centered on the stile and may be limited in your choice of escutcheon styles as well.

Questions to have the answers for before you come in:

What type of door do you have?  Metal or Wood

What type of jamb? Metal or Wood

What is the jamb depth?

What is your door thickness?  Typical 1 3/8″ interior doors, 1 3/4″ exterior doors.

What is your backset?  This is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the bore or current hardware you have.  Typical would be 2 3/8″ and 2 3/4″.

What is the width of the stile on the door?

Long story short select your hardware before you have your doors bored and know your door stile width!


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