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Royal and Lezlie Laybourn, Owners







What would you get when you put together a mountaineer and a florist, mix in some design flair and a background of custom woodworking, add a beautiful mountain valley and create a family business?


You’d get ‘Roaring Fork Building Specialties’.  Established in1995 and named after the river that runs right next door. Our company has grown  to professionally accommodate the needs of the most discerning clientele by always listening well and always offering reliable, competitive service. 


Our success is based on providing unique, custom, window, door and hardware solutions to our clients. Such as doors and hardware that truly compliment the client’s desire for quality. Windows that are both extremely stylish and functional. We represent products from proven manufacturers, like energy efficient, operating window walls, elegant entry doors and custom, cast bronze, hardware, always available in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.


To make intelligent choices, people need to be able to personally feel and experience these materials for themselves, first hand. We offer these services, along with professional design consultation in our modern designer showroom conveniently located in Basalt at the ‘Midvalley Design Center’ off Willits Lane.


The spirit and creativity that exists in our mountain valley is often expressed in the diverse architecture that one finds though out our valley. Windows and doors fill a home with the light and energy which ultimately defines both the interior spaces and draws the incredible mountain scenery that attracts us all here, to the inside of your home.


High Style and personal comfort in home design can be achieved along with improvements in energy performance, lower maintenance, and products with a longer service life. Durable materials, engineered to perform, fabricated by craftspeople, supplied by experts with local knowledge. This approach to product selection will provide better long term value, that is truly considered as being sustainable, by offering performance over a longer service horizon.


Lezlie and I enjoy the eclectic and while we love to hiking in the mountains and playing in the rivers, we are completely dedicated to providing clients with a constant contribution of product improvement and service. By assisting our customers with cutting edge design and providing options for sustainable materials that deliver long lasting performance.


Lifestyle, vitality and an environmental ethic are the reasons why people want to live here. We have learned how to help capture the view, provide windows and doors that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, complimented with hard to find door and cabinet hardware that is both stylish and extremely durable. Our business is a full service, home grown, specialized design center, Come visit us and experience Roaring Fork Building Specialties for yourselves. Your home will thank you for it!


Be Well,
Royal and Lezlie

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